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With a proud history of gardeners going back half a millennium, from my Dad to my Grandad, dating all the way back to the 1500s in Old England, the Parkers have been servicing local townships, landlords & barons, providing premium garden maintenance services for parks, estates & manors throughout the centuries.



The Best Lawn Mowing Services in Murray Bridge, South Australia

True to our name as the ‘Keepers of the Parks’ we’re very proud to present Parker’s Parks & Gardens, providing premium lawn mowing services in Murray Bridge!

G’day, we’re a Father & Son team in Murray Bridge and we’re on a mission to provide you with the best lawn mowing & garden maintenance services.

With such a high demand for gardeners in Murray Bridge East & the greater regions of Murray Bridge it’s important to us to provide a service in the community that puts value on maintaining high integrity & ethical conduct.

Focused on doing quality work with every job and treating each client with courtesy & respect, we’ve been able to land some amazing work providing garden services & yard maintenance for NDIS clients, the Aboriginal & larger community in Murray Bridge who we’re very proud to service.

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Our Competitive Advantage

As gardeners, we hold ourselves to an extremely high standard to deliver high quality garden maintenance, and we’ve been very honoured to become the highest rated mowing business in Murray Bridge in our first year. 

We are committed to investing the funds we receive for our garden maintenance services in Murray Bridge to improving & upgrading our business with our equipment, administration & online content.

Our premium service can be sampled online via our Facebook page, and we hold ourselves accountable by uploading our garden clean ups & lawn mowing transformations on a daily basis. 

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Why We Value Excellent Service

Before starting this business in Murray Bridge with my Dad, I had a rental in town. I wanted to secure someone I trusted to work around my home & in my yard. While there were plenty of gardeners to choose from who did great quality work, it was very important to me I found someone I could trust. 

When I eventually found the right gardeners, I never forgot the feeling, seeing my yard look so beautiful and being treated with courtesy & respect. 

Since that day it’s been our mission as gardeners to give that same feeling to people needing yard maintenance in Murray Bridge East & the greater regions of Murray Bridge.

Success for us is leaving our clients in Murray Bridge with the same feeling of relief & respect I felt when I was in desperate need to get my lawn mowed by trustworthy and reliable gardeners.

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Unparalleled Legacy in Gardening & Lawn Mowing Services

Maintaining a trustworthy & moral character was important to my Dad who ran a mowing business in a beautiful part of Australia many years ago in the City of Mildura in Victoria.

Many of his elderly clients would bring him cups of tea & biscuits after every job, and would bring out a large stack of cash telling him to take what he needed.

Always being honest and only taking what he earned, word of his high integrity & hard work ethic spread, and he quickly one of the most demanded gardeners in Mildura.

My Grandad, Lindsay Parker raised my Dad Alan in the small town of Red Cliffs near Mildura, and being the town gardener, there couldn’t have been a better training ground.

Lindsay was so efficient with his garden maintenance, that when he retired, they needed to hire three gardeners with all the new equipment to replace him! We can’t blame them though as my Grandad used to say, ‘Not everyone was born a thorough bred!’

Being a well respected man in the community, Lindsay’s garden maintenance was so well known that even my Dad started to get dubbed ‘Parks & Gardens’ by his mate.

And so, all of these years later, Parker’s Parks & Gardens was born, & we’re happy to stake our reputation on the line by using our family name, as we take great pride in providing premium garden services for the districts of Murray Bridge East & Murray Bridge.

Our Services

So if you need your lawn mowed by a reputable business you can trust, we’re the gardeners for the job! We can provide ongoing garden maintenance and garden clean ups for anyone located in Murray Bridge East & the greater regions of Murray Bridge.

Our services Include:

Whipper snipping
Weed control
Green waste removal
Yard clean ups
End of lease inspections
General garden maintenance

Premium Garden maintenance & Garden care service in Murray Bridge

Before settling into Murray Bridge and launching our garden care service, I worked with my Dad for many years around Australia in the music industry.

When I was 16 I was encouraged to audition for a show called ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ by my shearing mates. I decided to try out for it, & to my astonishment, my audition went viral and I suddenly found myself in high demand as a musician.  

Being too young to hold a license, but getting asked to perform all over the country, my Dad took time off from his job and drove me around Australia, going from show to show, helping me as a roadie and a driver. 

For over a decade I toured & played all around Australia & the world, and after seeing much of Australia, Murray Bridge quickly became my favourite place to live & work. 

I love the peaceful flowing river, the beautiful parks & gardens, the people & the scenery surrounding Murray Bridge East & the greater regions of Murray Bridge.

I hoped that one day I could contribute something to the beautiful township of Murray Bridge where I’ve been so welcomed.

Given my Dad’s experience in mowing & mechanics, my experience on social media & technology & our great teamwork, we decided to create & offer Murray Bridge it’s very own premium garden maintenance & garden care service!

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